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Tuesday 28 May 2024

On Your Bike - Ernie


Following on from Brian's excellent suggestions last week Ernie has also got on his bike and provided me with six bike songs all of which are new to me. Therefore all the information below comes courtesy of Mr Google.

Kerri Powers channels blues and soul with an eye-to-eye, earthy sensibility that makes for honest listening and reflection. She's your sage girlfriend speaking from the heart and does so with a new collection of songs written from a place of grief and longing – something that speaks to us all.. Bicycle Boy is taken from a Ramblin Roots Sampler

Robi Mitch hails from Falmouth in Cornwall where I once went on holiday with George and our pal Pete.. He has a Bandcamp page (Robi not Pete) and his dreamy yet groovy sound is inspired by 70s psychedelia and 90s mixtapes, Bike Endless Summer is from his Future Perfect album.

Next up are The Wingdale Community Singers with Bike Shop Boy. The WCS (as I have christened them) are David Grubbs, Hannah Marcus and Rick Moody who have appeared in various bands. Bike Shop Boy is from the eponymous album.

Finally an act that I have actually heard of! French-Canadian  folk sisters Kate & Anna McGarrigle chip in with The Bike Song from their Matapedia album.

Blurt are an English post-punk band, founded in 1979 in Stroud, Gloucestershire. The Fish Needs a Bike was a single from May 1981 on Armageddon Records

We conclude with Yellow Bike by  American Indie band Pedro the Lion from their 5th studio album Phoenix from 2019 on the PolyvinylRecord Co label.

Many thanks for these Ernie. I particularly enjoyed the first and the last one,

Any more budding cyclists out there?

Kerry Powers - Bicycle Man

Robi Mitch - Bike Endless Summer

The Wingdale Community Singers - Bike Shop Boy

Kate & Anna McGarrigle - The Bike Song

Blurt - The Fish Needs a Bike

Pedro the Lion - Yellow Bike


  1. I am deeply honoured to be featured in these hallowed halls. I agree that 'Yellow Bike' is probably the pick of the bunch but I have a soft spot for Blurt. I bought that single when it came out (the B-Side is the equally catchy 'This Is My Royal Wedding Souvenir') and have seen them a number of times over the years.

    1. PS For any old hippies out there, Robi(n) Mitch was apparently named after Robin Williamson of the Incredible String Band and the drummer in Blurt used to be in Quintessence.

  2. MAN ALIVE that Kerry Powers track is the absolute bifters

  3. There's a coupke of decent tunes in this list, has that Ernie bloke ever thought of writing a music blog?

    1. He doesn't have the levels of professionalism and dedication displayed by the likes of CC.

  4. Eclectic bunch, Ernie. Love it.

  5. I'm on holiday this week, but if you can hang on a bit, I'll search my bike rack when I'm back...

  6. What! no My White Bicycle? That apart Yellow Bike and Kerry Powers' BM are good and I've a soft spot for The Wingdale Community Singers track which I must go back and give a further listen