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Sunday 19 May 2024

Sunday Highway Songs 7


Although the picture refers to The Blues Highway we are starting off this week with some Americana courtesy of The V-Roys albeit in starts with a nice Blues Riff.

I'm not sure if Highway 61 is straight but the one that the V-Roys are singing about  certainly is.

We now come to one of the first songs that immediately sprung to mind  when I first thought about this series. It was second only to Lost Highway. From as far back as 1965 here is the title track from what I consider to be Bob Dylan's greatest album Highway 61 Revisited. Caution - Genius at Work.

How do you follow that? The answer is you don't although Nanci Griffith has a decent stab with Gulf Coast Highway.

Fortunately these highways tend to be long which is just as well as there are still quite a few miles left in this series

The V-Roys - Straight Highway

Bob Dylan -Highway 61 Revisited

Nanci Griffiths - Gulf Coast Highway

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