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Friday 24 May 2024

Ten Pence Specials - Olivia Newton John


2024 Charity Shop Purchases # 32 -Olivia Newton John - The Ultimate Collection

This one was chosen by Mrs CC. She also picked up another one ( they were 10p after all) with nearly identical tracks. It has gone back.

She likes the entire range of Olivia's stuff - the early Country stuff, the ballads and the songs from Grease. Me - I much prefer the Country stuff.

This concludes this brief series. In addition to the 3 I have featured  and the other ONJ one there was also Beautiful Noise by Neil Diamond which I can't bring myself to post and a Best of Dr Hook which with the exception of Sylvia's Mother was unlistenable. It was swiftly dispatched.

So all in all 6 CDs for 10p each. I very generously gave them a pound!

Olivia Newton John - Xanadu

Olivia Newton John - Banks of the Ohio

Olivia Newton John - Take Me Home Country Roads


  1. Was it early or late period Dr Hook? I quite like some of the early Shel Silverstein songs, but not the "when you're in love with a beautiful woman with sexy eyes" stuff.

  2. I got distracted by your reference to Dr Hook and did a sidestep listen to Sylvia's Mother on YT. Such a great track. ONJ never really gripped me then or now

  3. I wrote about Olivia when she died and even watched the film Xanadu (for research purposes). It was completely bonkers but the musical numbers were great - she was a star but in a really understated way.

  4. Beautiful Noise is a great album.


  5. ONJ is one the whole family agrees on, and she is played on family road trips often. - Brian