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Friday, 2 April 2021

Good Friday


Today is Good Friday. So called because it is a Friday and I get a day off work and that's good.

As I'm in a holiday mood I've decided to do something non taxing namely posting a couple of songs with Good in the title and a couple featuring the word Friday.

Not rocket science and probably not that original although I've never been lazy enough  thought to do it before.

In the Good camp Susan Cadogan with the wonderful Hurts so Good followed by new favourite band Dropkick with a song off their recent Best of album and taken from their 2008 album Dot the I.

For Friday we start with Richard Thompson and his cover of an Easybeats classic. Finally The Associates who are off to splint their hips and bruise their lips. As you do.

I'm off to roll my egg or maybe just a roll and egg.

Susan Cadogan - Hurts So Good

Dropkick - Good Vibes

Richard Thompson - Friday on my Mind

The Associates - Tell Me Easter's on Friday


  1. Very funny CC - You are in a good mood. Enjoy your holiday (and your roll and egg).

    An interesting Easter selection.

  2. Will you be doing this for all religious observances in future? Looking forward to Shrove Tuesday

  3. I’m a bit short on Shrove songs

    1. Ash Wednesday is much more fertile ground for a themed set of songs - we've only got 11 months to wait to see what you can come up with

  4. Four good songs for a Good Friday.