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Tuesday, 27 April 2021

Is There Life on Mars?

Over the weekend the answer to Rol's latest Saturday Snapshots conundrum was Planets. The solution to one of the clues was the band Ash. I incorrectly guessed the song as Girl from Mars as opposed to the correct answer Jack Names the Planets.

This got me thinking about the remarkable exploration which is currently taking place on Mars at the moment with the Rover and the helicopter providing amazing pictures and data.

Then the way my mind works it got me thinking about songs about Mars. Spoiler alert - one of these songs does not refer to the Red Planet

Ash - Girl From Mars

David Bowie - Life on Mars

Jason Ringenberg - Honky Tonk Maniac From Mars

Undertones -Mars Bars


  1. Great selection. I also remember the band Martian Dance! Very post-punk and very Peel.
    Girl From Mars is a favourite song too - Ash were due to headline last year at the tiny (usually rather crappy) musical festival that takes place in my village, 5 mins walk from my house. I was so looking forward to seeing them, but of course it was postponed. And now news has come through that it has been postponed again. So I might get to see them eventually...maybe on Mars.

  2. I love Mars Bar, the song. Never really bothered about the actual confectionary, despite the fact that - as Feargal puts it - they help me, make me, work, rest and play.

  3. Hoodoo Gurus said Mars Needs Guitars, and they named that album after the '60s science fiction film Mars Needs Women. If guitars and women are what is waiting for us on the red planet, I know a few people willing to be a pioneer.

  4. I would have to add Comsat Angels’ debut single Red Planet into the mix.