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Wednesday, 21 April 2021

The Water


The Water a 2008 album by Colin MacIntyre made it onto the CD player over the weekend. It is his fourth album with the first three having appeared under the guise of Mull Historical Society. I've the album Us by MHS plus a couple of CD singles so they have graced these pages before. Today is the first time he's appeared using his own moniker.There have been a further 4 albums one his own name and then 3 by MDS the last being 2018's Wakelines.

I've previously described his music as pleasant melodic pop music which is easy on the ear and this album does nothing to change that. Clash Magazine gave The Water 6 out of 10. I would go a point higher.

JC, The Vinyl Villain, has some issues with Mr MacInyre as detailed here. Had I witnessed that I might not have been so generous with my additional point.

Colin MacIntyre -You're a Star

Colin MacIntyre - Famous For Being Famous


  1. It's a slippery slope if we include a personality factor in album ratings, all the Fall albums would be given a -1.........

  2. I almost bought this the other week, then I held off. Like the MHO, but questioned whether I needed his solo efforts. If I see it again, I might buy it just to irk JC.

  3. Saw Mull Historical Society a couple of times at Sheffield Leadmill in the early 2000s supporting The Strokes of all bands - recall they/he was pleasant enough. The Moldy Peaches were also on the bill for one of them, in fact I think I turned up to see the Strokes for a gig there which was cancelled as their drummer had broken his arm so Colin MacIntyre came back on and played a second set. All a bit vague I'm afraid - I'm always jealous of people who have photographic recall of every single gig they've ever been to. No I don't believe them either!