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Thursday, 1 April 2021


 I made a second trip to the HMV 2 for 30 quid sale a few days ago. One of the albums I came away with was Curtis the debut album by Curtis Mayfield. I paid more a couple of years ago to see Ayr United play Peterhead for goodness sake.

From 1970 (over 50 years ago - unbelieveable) it was released by the Curton label it represented a shift from  the pop harmonies of The Impressions to a more funky and psychadelic approach with the subject matter being more political and socially aware. The result - a stonewall classic and a great album cover to boot!

I don't really trust my USB turntable with new vinyl and as there was no download I've dug up a couple of the tracks from the hard drive

Take nothing less
Than the supreme best

Curtis Mayfield - Wild and Free

Curtis Mayfield -Move On Up


  1. My favourite Curtis Mayfield album is "Got to Find a Way" but his first solo album is a cracker.

  2. It seems almost unreal that these records can be half a century old

  3. Ah, Ayr United vs Peterhead. You can keep your old firm, your Manc, Scouse & Nth London derbies, your sterile galactico nil nillers - give me prosaic, authentic, gritty, beating hearts (how many adjectives do you need?) roots football any day of the week.