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Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Psychedelic Funk, Black Rock and Cosmic Slop


Almost exactly a year ago I featured a Mojo compilation called Heavy Soul Vol.2. At the time I elected to feature a couple of new to me artists

The title of this post is the strapline on the CD cover and this time round I thought I would go with some old favourites whose music very much fits the bill

Psychadelic Funk? Ladies and gentlemen I give you Shuggie Otis with a song from his 1971 album Freedom Flight

My mind's at ease that I know you're on my side.
That ice cold daydream took me for an ugly ride.

Black Rock? Look no further than Mr Swamp Dogg with Family Pain from his recent album Sorry You Couldn't Make It

If you were to look up Cosmic Slop in the dictionary it may very well say see Arther Lee and Love

Time to fry your brains

Shuggie Otis -Ice Cold Daydream

Swamp Dogg - Family Pain

Love - Young & Able (Good & Evil)

1 comment:

  1. Why, Ambassador, with this psychedelic funk, black rock and cosmic slop you are spoiling us