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Tuesday 9 March 2021

This is Radio Clash

 My pal Raymie had a fairly eclectic record collection.

One reason maybe tha his family were friendly with a Radio Clyde DJ Frank Skerret whose musical tastes were such that he thought The Carpenters were punk rock.

This connection led to a few promos and records coming Raymie's way and on occasions there were doublers. One such doubler was the 12 inch version of This is Radio Clash which I was happy to take off his hands.

Side 1 containes This is Radio Clash and Radio Clash a remix with additional lyrics. It was the intention of the band that they be heard as a single entity and who am I to argue?

The Clash - This is Radio Clash/Radio Clash


  1. Will you be following Val's Vinyl with Raymie's Records?

  2. If only. Can’t think of any others offhand

  3. I love The Clash- a well documented love- but this song never moves me much.

  4. I have a real soft spot for a This Is Radio Clash. It was like an early Xmas present in 1981. It was dark and a bit sinister, reminded my friends and I of the film Warriors. Once again, The Clash put their signature on a hybrid Rock/Rap at a time when the margins were wide and interpretation was accepted and rewarded.

  5. When MTV came to my town, this video was played a ton. It may very well have been the first song I ever heard by them... just before the big hits of Combat Rock.

  6. Vivid memories of Mick bashing the hell out of a couple of synth drums throughout Radio Clash during the band's seven night stint at The Lyceum in 1981.