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Monday, 1 March 2021

April March


As today is the 1st of March I thought I would have a quick look through the hard drive to see what songs I have with March in the title.

I was amazed to find 10 songs by American indie singer April March. I must have downloaded an album by her but have absolutely no recollection of having done so or having listened to any of her songs.

I've now given them a listen and while they are nothing startling they are perfectly pleasant quirky pop songs sung in both English and French. Much better than Janet Jackson

April March is not her real name, that would be Elinor Blake. I know a woman at work called April who uses her maiden name probably because her married name is April May 

April March -Stay Away From Robert Mitchum

April March - Mon Ange Gardien


  1. So are the MP3s you posted by the singer or your work colleague...??? ;-)

  2. I believe there was an April March ICA at some point because I have 10 songs by her too (including these) but nothing on the shelf. I never had a work colleague that looked like that! I think the Robster's point is you talked about a work colleague called April May and then slipped and called the artist April May when you posted the songs. No big deal. We understand how you got there.

  3. Think you’ve solved two mysteries there Brian

  4. April March turned up in the soundtrack to a Tarantino film (Death Proof, I think) which is where I first came across her.

  5. Haha I just don't believe the April May story! Far too good to be true. Next you'll be telling us she had a daughter, June born in July and that her husband was an august kind of fella Septimus