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Monday 8 March 2021



In the comments from my recent Waxahatchee post George queried whether I thought that there were similarities with Crowsdell. Regular Friday night commenter Spence  felt that there may be a similarity. I didn't feel that I could comment as I hadn't  listened to the only thing I have by them the 1995 album Dreamette on the Big Cat label in the longest time.

Crowsdell were a threesome from Jacksonville, Florida who consisted of Shannon Wright (guitar and vocals), Paul Howell (base) and Laurie Anne Wall(drums). They released a couple of albums, an EP and a handful of singles before Shannon went on to pursue a solo career.

I've now given Dreamette a listen and to be honest I'm not really hearing the comparison. They remind me more of the likes of Hole and Pavement (maybe the later is not surprising given the album is co-produced by Stephen Malkmus). I'm thinking that they are slightly more grungey than Americana and that a shelf transfer is perhaps required

Crowsdell - Down

Crowsdell - Sugar Coated


  1. " a shelf transfer is perhaps required" HAVE you gone MAD, man??

  2. Not exactly sure what you mean by 'shelf transfer' but it sounds ominous. I agree with you purely on the band's musical aspect but it's her voice that I was meaning had the similarity to Waxahatchee. I also had Dreamette which I seem to have let go. I still have their album Within The Curve Of An Arm which suggests it passed some sort of re-appraisal of mine 6 or 7 years ago! Time to dig it put and play again. The track of theirs/hers that I really love though was Trunk which was only released as a single I think and even then it was an inferior re-recording. Can't remember now where I heard it originally - a Peel session perhaps? Anyway, it's all back in the mists of time.