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Tuesday, 2 March 2021


are an indie band from Nottingham who are fronted by singer Stuart A Staples. Their songs are pretty sparse and minimal with some fairly obvious comparisons to Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. I know that JC is a big fan who has written about them more eloquently than I ever could.

I only have one album of theirs 1987's Curtains on the This Way Up label which was a charity acquisition.Let's Pretend is a track from that album.

I've also got a couple of interesting covers by them where they give their intepretations of classic songs by Townes Van Zandt and David Bowie

Tindersticks - Let's Pretend

Tindersticks - Kathleen

Tindersticks - Kooks


  1. Tindersticks at never nothing less than satisfying and most of the time they exceed all expectations. Let’s Pretend is a song that seems to cross boundaries - singer/songwriter, Dramatic Pop, even an air of Trip Hop. Thief version of Kooks is kind of untouchable.

  2. Always feel I should like them more but struggle with his vocal delivery. Their/His Travelling Light with Carla Torgerson backing vocal is just stupendous though