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Tuesday 30 March 2021

In The Gloaming

 Sorry to disappoint you but In the Gloaming is not a collection of Scottish Country Dance music but is in album  by North Carolina Americana band Jolene.

From 1998 In the Gloaming is their second album and their first for one of the big boys namely Sire.They only lasted briefly there before being picked up by the great German Americana label Blue Rose.

There are fairly obvious comparisons to early R.E.M. and Wilco which is no bad thing with Allmusic describing their music as  guitar-based songs set in a rural America that many of us see, but all too often take for granted. 

I've also got the 2000 album Antic Ocean.All available for buttons on discogs

Along with Nadine they remain one of the only two bands that I've seen in Helensburgh. 

Jolene - Pensacola

Jolene - Two Sisters & the Laureate


  1. Do they only allow bands with women's names to play in Helensburgh? Does Helen insist on that?

  2. That would appear to be the case
    Off to see Wolf Alice and The Sadies there once lockdown is lifted

  3. A wonderful album that would really benefit from a remaster, as it's sonically a bit flat. I saw them at The Borderline in 1998.