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Saturday 13 March 2021

The Sound of the City

 I'm following up on the last two Saturdays which featured the brillaint compilation The Sound of the Suburbs with the not so brilliant  The Sound of the City.

Whereas every song on the Suburbs was a stick on classic some of these sadly do not fall into that category. Same format as last time I will only be featuring songs which haven't appeared here before.

By my reckoning that is 9 out of the 17 tracks with 3 acts taking their CCM bow. So that should fit fairly neatly into  posts  for the the next three Saturday. I shall feature them in the order that they appear on the record.

The opening song is She's So Modern by the Boomtown Rats from the period before Bob Geldof got completely up himself although the early signs were there. My favourite of theirs from this period was Mary of the 4th Form which remains one of the missing singles.

Sheena is a Punk rocker is the first song I ever heard by the Ramones and the one that first brought them to the attention of a UK audience. Fortunately they went onto much better things.

The Ruts are making their CCM debut this week with Staring at the Rude Boys. I remember seeing them at Strathclyde Uni where they were supported by The Flys. I can't say that I really remember this song. Babylon's Burning would have been a much stronger option.

Another three next week. Haud me back, I hear you cry

Boomtown Rats - She's So Modern

Ramones - Sheena is a Punk Rocker

The Ruts -Staring at the Rude Boys


  1. Tragic that Malcolm Owen died so young. I really regret never having seen The Ruts, they could've gone on to be as important as The Clash.

  2. Sheena Is A Punk Rocker came out when we were in our final year of school and heading out every weekend. One of our friends was a girl called Sheena so this was 'her' song - In reality however Sheena wasn't a punk rocker but Head Girl, but it went down well.

    "The period before Bob Geldof got completely up himself although the early signs were there" - It's fascinating now watching footage of the times before they got up themselves as you say - The signs are always there when you look back (Bono at Live Aid?).

  3. Good selection, though this CD wasn't a patch on the first one. I have a special fondness for She's So Modern, especially the "She's so 1970s" line. Modern.

  4. She’s So Modern is another one I first heard on That Summer when I was 13. Just about the only song by Boomtown Rats that does it for me. The tracklist of this comp doesn’t look bad at all.