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Tuesday 23 March 2021

The Great Escape


Over the years I've picked up the entire Blur discography with the exception of their final album The Magic Whip. I can't say that I'm bothered that I don't have it but if I saw it cheap I would probably nab it for the sake of completeness.

A couple of them are still to feature here one of them being The Great Escape their 4th album from 1995 on the Food label. The one which featured Country House their first number one single  beating Oasis' Roll with It when Britpop hype was at its peak. Thereafter they began to become more experimental with the cracks in the band beginning to show

Critical acclaimed at the time of release  selling nearly half a million copies in the fist month following its release but maybe one which has not stood the tests of time.

Having said that I quite enjoyed listening to it, and in particular the singles, for the first time in ages.

Blur - Stereotypes

Blur - Charmless Man


  1. It's a fun record, but it's dated very badly.

  2. Listening to it you just get the feeling they're moving on from Britpop shenanigans. There'a bit of "how far can we go", a bit of "what does this sound like", and a bit of "time to move on" going on in this one.
    The Universal is an undoubted high point though.