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Monday 29 March 2021



In Saturday's Herald magazine journalist Teddy Jamieson had an interesting article on Boo Hewerdine and his recent move to Glasgow .

This had me reaching for Harmonograph a collection of many great songs he has written over the years.

Boo was the lead singer if the band The Bible in the the 80s who were probably best known for the 1986 album Walking the Ghost Back Home (an album I picked up in Dunbar) which includes the songs Graceland and Mahalia.

He is excellent singer as Weatherman demonstrates but is probably best known as a songwriter primarily for Eddi Reader but his songs have also been covered by the likes of Kris Drever, Heidi Talbot, Mary Chapin Carpenter and KD Lang. 

He's also a producer and is carrying out song writing classes with Findlay Napier. A multi-talented man.

The Bible - Graceland

Boo Hewerdine -Weatherman

Eddi Reader - Ontario

Kris Drever - Harvest Gypsies


  1. Walking the Ghost Back Home is a favourite of mine. I have an album of Boo Hewerdine's somewhere in which he joined up with an American singer/songwriter but I'm damned if I can remember who.

  2. A nice selection. I have a couple of his solo records kicking around and keep meaning to dig into more of them.

  3. Two collaborations from Boo that I just love are Look At Yourself by David McAlmont and Sleeper by Colin Vearncombe (Black).

  4. I nabbed Kris Drever's Harvest Gypsies from you on 16th December 2017 (paid my dues of course!) and it's become one of the most played tracks in my iTunes library. If I ever knew it was by Boo Hewerdine I'd forgotten that but I certainly need to investigate him further.