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Friday 5 March 2021

Skin 'Em Up!


It's been  a fairly eclectic week on CCM so what better way to finish it off than with a bit of Glaswegian Rockabilly.

Skin 'Em Up! is the 1981 debut album from The Shakin' Pyramids on the Cuba Libra label (an off shot of Virgin)

Released to rave revues including this from Trouser Press the album pounds furiously, putting your average megawatt metal band to shame. Songs — mostly non-originals — zip by at a blinding rate; the record's only flaw is its brief running time. Then again, if brevity be the soul of this music, the Shakin' Pyramids are a rockabilly Ramones .The reference to the running time is because it is only 29 minutes long.

NME gave it 10/10 and Rolling Stone 5/5

The Pyramids were Davie Duncan (lead vocals/harp/percussion), James G Creighton (guitar/backing vocals) and Railroad Ken McCellan (guitar/backing vocals)

in total they released two studio albums, 3 EPs, 4 singles, a compilation album and a live one. A copy of this one is all I have and yes it is courtesy of my brother

Shakin' Pyramids - Take a Trip

Shakin' Pyramids - Tennessee Rock 'n' Roll

Shaking Pyramids - Teenage Boogie


  1. Don't remember the band but that "Teenage Boogie" song is familiar and I like that Glaswegian Rockabilly tag.

  2. My brother has just told me that James Creighton died of a brain tumor last month. Sad news.
    Consider this as a tribute to him