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Thursday 18 March 2021

Teenage Fanclub Vinyl Reissues - The Singles 2


Last week Grand Prix, this week my favourite Teenage Fanclub record 1997's Songs From Northern Britain.

If you can remember as far back as last week you will recall that I bought both of these albums towards the end of last year for the first time wever on vinly as part of the super deluxe edition re-issues which all came with a bonus single.
I'm focussing on the singles.
The single which accompanies the album has a red centre this time round as opposed to the green of Grand Prix

Middle of the Road is the b-side of I Don't Want to Control You and is appearing on vinyl for the first time.
Broken is a b-side from Ain't That Enough and again is making its debut on vinyl. I picked up the CD single version along with Start  Again as part of a pretty impressive haul in Muir of Ord.


  1. If Teenage Fanclub released a B-sides collection, I would be a happy man.

  2. Can I correct the date on that? 1997, surely, not 87?

    Great record though.

    1. Good to see that someone is paying attention.
      Duly sorted