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Wednesday 10 March 2021

A Lost Single Rediscovered


Recently I have found myself thinking about some singles which have gone missiong over the years.

One such single was The Morning of Our Lives by Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers. It its absence I dusted down my Modern Lovers Live album to record the version there and threw in New England for good measure.

Then when I went to put the album back in it's sleeve there seemed to be a blockage stopping it and lo and beyold there was my copy of the single!From1977 and on the Beserkley "Home of the Hits" label.

Result! Therefore I'm giving you the single version which I think is taken from the live album in any event..Unfortunately the b-side, Roadrunner (Thrice), which does not appear on the live album has a slight scratch on it causing  it to jump. Worry not, however, as I have retreived a copy from the hard drive.

Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers - The Morning of Our Lives

Modern Lovers - New England

Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers -Roadrunner (Thrice)


  1. "Records we bought, thought we lost, but found them years later" A pithy title for a new series?

  2. Your tale reminds of the Wishbone Ash's first album (that I bought in Oxford Street) and lost, or possibly inadvertently gave away. I bought another copy.

  3. I have plenty more mundane, inane tales to tell.

    1. This platform is always available for mundane/inane tales
      You could say it specialises in them

  4. Thrice is my favourite version, well this week anyway

  5. Ah, Jonathan Richman I could listen to him all day. With Jonathan, I always think that simply liking his stuff, being a fan etc in some ineffable way is a validation and lets you know that you're on the right side of whatever it is that divides and separates us from t'others

  6. Heard Roadrunner (Thrice) for the first time today and would LOVE if you could re-up this one.

  7. I meant to say I would REALLY LOVE a re-up 😀
    Love the daily adventure of your site....