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Sunday 28 February 2021

Val's Vinyl


Today we see Val's nasty side or to be more accurate Janet Jackson' Nasty side.

From 1986 and from her third album Control Nasty is one of the 78 singles (I'll type that again 78 singles) released by Ms Jackson.It reached number 19  in the UK singles charts.

I feel that I can say with a degree of confidence that I have never knowingly listened to any of her 78 singles.I may recognise some of them having heard them subliminally although thankfully not this abomination.. To make matters worse it is the extended version. It will not be a keeper.

Val's vinyl also contains a record by her brother namely Off the Wall. While the music undoubtedly will be of a superior quality to this pap it will not be featuring here.

Janet Jackson - Nasty

Janet Jackson - You'll Never Find (A Love Like Mine)


  1. First track terrible, second one forgettable.

  2. Very much of its time. Just can't scream "80s chart music" any louder, could it?

  3. Just be grateful that I didn't include the 3rd track!
    An instrumental version of Nasty

  4. 78 singles? Yet I barely remember any of them. Having Jackson as your surname obviously opened the floodgates for her.

    I wonder who else in the years to come we might have to eradicate from our blogs. Cross fingers none of our favourites.

  5. I like Nasty, but you had to be there (and be the right age to appreciate it at that time).