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Saturday, 20 February 2021

Saturday Night Finale


And now then end is near  and so I face the final curtain.

I've managed to stretch a post from nothing to a series lasting eight weeks. Time to bail out before we start scraping the barrel. It's final four time.

Let's start with a relatively new song. Caitlin Harnett & the Pony Boys are a gothic Americana band from Australia who came to my attention via George. The Guardian says of Caitlin her voice is like Mazzy Star's Hope Sandival was jerked out of a long sleep. A track from their recent album Late Night Essentials.

I don't think that the late great Marc Bolan's voice has ever been compared to Hope Sandival or anyone else for that matter. He was truly unique. Taken from the T-Rex album Messing With The Mystics (Unissued Songs 1972 -1977)

It's not four in the morning yet but Faron Young has got Five Dollars and it's Saturday Night. From the days when five dollars would guarantee a good night out.

We finish this series with a Glasgow band The Blue Nile that I am not a fan of. Requested by Brian  and who am I to deny the great man?

I'm off now to think of something for next Saturday

Caitlin Harnett & the Pony Boys - Saturday Night

T-Rex - Saturday Night

Faron Young - I've Got Five Dollars and it's Saturday Night

The Blue Nile - Saturday Night


  1. Glad that Brian's request made it.

    Have you heard the Gary Clark (lead singer of Danny Wilson) version of the Blue Nile's "Saturday Night"?

  2. I'm with Brian on this one too. Congratulations on an excellent series

  3. Great way to put a bow on this wildly successful impromptu series. Thanks.

  4. I'm always sad to see a series go, but I'm just sad in general these days. I cry when the kettle doesn't boil because I've forgotten to turn the switch on at the wall.

    Saturday Sad Songs?