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Saturday 6 February 2021

Another Saturday Night


The picture above is of a compilation album from 1973 which I don't have and didn't know existed until now.

It is named thus as it contains a cover of the Sam Cooke song with the same name by Clint Hill.I've featured another cover of this by Cat Stevens but I figured that it was about time to give you the original, and best, version

Earth, Wind and Fire get points off for spelling. On that basis I swithered as to whether to include it but I'm well beyond the fussy stage.

The by now almost obligatory country offering comes courtesy of BR5-49 with the final track from their excellent eponymous debut album.

Finally, we lower the mood several notches with Ol' Blue Eyes himself who is joined by Axel Stordahl and his Orchestra for Saturday Night is the Loneliest Night of the Week.

Not at CCM it ain't (think that may be a double negative, which makes it a positive)

Sam Cooke - Another Saturday Night

Earth, Wind and Fire - Saturday Nite

BR5-49 - One Long Saturday Night

Frank Sinatra -Saturday Night is the Loneliest Night of the Week


  1. The photo for the cover of that album was taken in Edinburgh or Glasgow I think. Great album with some great song covers and a cajun theme. Johnnie Allen's version of "The Promised Land" is a belter an I really love Austin Pitre's "Two Steps De Bayou Teche".

  2. I've got this compilation many years ago and I really have to say I enjoyed the excursion into Cajun and Zydeco, Stevie. Maybe I make a post about this little gem

  3. Everyone of these is a winner, CC. I have been threatening to do a Saturday Sinatra series for years. If it gets to that point I may as well ask the last of the few readers I have left to turn out the lights on their way out. I may have more Sinatra albums than any other artist.

  4. Clint West not Clint Hill. I've worn out 3 copies of this album.
    Try this