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Sunday 14 February 2021

Val's Valentine Vinyl

It's Valentine's Day so that calls for something smootchy and Val as you would expect doesn't disappoint.

Some jazz funk from the master of the genre George Benson with his most famous platinum selling 1980 album Give Me The Night. Produced by the mighty Quincy Jones and on his Qwest label  in association with Warner Brothers.

Both the songs featured which reached number 7 and number 10 respectively in the UK singles charts were written by Englishman Rodney Temperton.

George Benson a man so cool that he could get away with wearing a V-neck jumper with nothing underneath it.


  1. A Happy Valentine's Day to you and Val.

    1. Thanks but I should point out that Val is actually a work colleague!

  2. Yes, hope you and Mrs CC had a nice day!

    As for Val, I do like her albums - reminds me a lot of my own collection. A great choice for today.