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Monday 22 February 2021

A Gap Quickly Plugged


A couple of weeks ago I posted Station to Station by David Bowie  and highlighted that there were more gaps in my Bowie discography which required to be filled.

The first opportunity was quicker than I anticipated as I took advantage of the HMV 2 for £30 on line sale. There were a few Bowie's on offer but the only one I didn't have, or wasn't sold out, was Young Americans which was duly purchased.

From 1975 and like most of his albums on the RCA label it was a pretty radical change of direction from its 1974 predecessor Diamond Dogs.

All glam remnants are long gone as Bowie begins to dabble in funk and soul. As C said in the comments last time round his constant changes of direction is one of his strenghts

It seems that it was released to a generally lukewarm reception particularly in America but quickly grew in popularity particularly as it contains two of his greatest singles namely the title track and Fame

Produced by Tony Visconti it is the first of his albums with Carlos Alomar. Luther Vandross and some boy called John Lennon also making an appearance.

Another one ticked off the list.

David Bowie - Young Americans

David Bowie - Fascination


  1. Good purchase, pal. The bridge between Ziggy and the Berlin eras.

  2. Listening to Young Americans as an adult, you can hear the freedom and excitement Bowie was feeling in doing something new, discovering and then expressing himself through this new sound. There are some great film clips on Youtube of Bowie working with Alomar, Vandross, Ava Cherry, and the wonderful Robin Clark in the studio fleshing out the songs. Fascination and Right are just sublime.