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Friday, 12 February 2021

Up All Night


I have one album by Razorlight namely their 2004 debut Up All Night on the Vertigo label. I'm not sure that it has been played at all over the last 15 years.

They have only graced these pages once before in April 2017 when I featured their song In the Morning.

In that post I listed the following facts about the band (which saves me having to write something similar again:

  • Lead singer Johnny Borrell is a twat of almost Bono-esque proportions
  • The only time I ever saw them live at King Tuts they were completely blown away by the support act The Raveonettes
  • I have their debut album Up All Night which you frequently see in charity shops
  • In the Morning is actually a reasonably good song
There were a number of comments pretty much agreeing with my assessment of Mr Borrell  along with this  on the nail comment by JC about Up All Night

Great description of Johnny Borrell. I think there's a few half decent tunes on their debut LP but can understand why so many folk donate it to charity shops on the basis they haven't listened to it for years and they only have space for around 30 CDs which is a problem with Coldplay being so prolific..


I could be wrong but I think that Dalston may well be one of Ernie Goggins' stomping grounds


  1. You're right. I used to live just up the road back in the days when the great Rupie Edwards had a record stall in Ridley Road market. Still pop over occasionally on the nights when Cafe Oto has decent acts on rather than the usual free form jazz. Although even a night out listening to free form jazz might have some appeal these days.

  2. It's a good album, the first one. Borrell is a walloper. I saw them 3 or 4 times very early on, the last time was at the Arches just before or after the first album launch and they were fucking dreadful. I too was at the gig with the Raveonettes as support. If I remember correctly they were two separate gigs but the Raveonettes one was cancelled. It's about time the Raveonettes toured again, never missed a Glasgow gig. Absolutely incredible sound live that never really came across on their records which were very good none the less