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Wednesday 17 February 2021

Sometimes I Forget


The other day at work I was busy daydreaming when something popped into my head which I thought would make a good theme for the blog.

The trouble is I didn't write it down and now of course I have completely forgotten what it was. This led to a song called Sometime I Forget going round in my head and yes I couldn't remember the singer either

Then I remembered it was a song by Steve Earle from his Train a Comin' album. Except it is actually called Sometimes She Forgets. Not doing very well am I?

I did however find a song that I have called Sometimes I Forget so maybe there is hope for me yet

Steve Earle - Sometimes She Forgets

Louden Wainwright III - Sometimes I Forget

Chuck Jackson - I Keep Forgetting


  1. That’s why I have to write everything down nowadays. If I could only remember where I’d left my “writing things down before I forget them” notebook.

    Nice selection of songs. And you get Louden as an ear worm/uhrwurm - bonus.

  2. Michael McDonald did a song "I Keep Forgetting" which is similar to the Chuck Jackson song. To be fair to him he did give a songwriting credit to Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller who wrote the original.

    1. I remember writing a post about I Keep Forgetting, but nobody could remember it.

  3. Brilliant.
    If I didn't write everything down I'd be lost (quite possibly literally). And Chuck Jackson, what a helluva great voice!

  4. To err is human to forget is divine........close! Forgetfulness should be a rich seam for songwriters to mine but a quick check of my iTunes library only throws up a handful with Forget in the title at least - there'll be hundreds with forgetfulness as a theme no doubt - a topic for a future thread? Amongst mine were tracks from the Kinks, Neko Case and of course Simple Minds but by far the best is The Chi-Lites Too Good To Be Forgotten. Liked your own selection btw

  5. * by a future thread I meant of course a Battle of the Bands type series