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Thursday 4 February 2021

You Can't Always Get What You Want


 I had an urge the other day to listen to some relatively early Rolling Stones. It's not the sort of  urge that I get that often so I  thought that it was better to roll with it (did you see what I did there?)

Two classics for you today  the first from 1968's Beggars Banquet  and the second from their classic 1969 album Let it Bleed. There are times that I think that Let it Bleed  is their best album but then again there are other times when I award that accolade to Exile on Main St. Whichever is the better this period was undoubtedly their purple patch.

Then again Sometimes I Wish I Never Heard the Rolling Stones


  1. I'd put Aftermath alongside Let It Bleed in my favourite Stones albums. Have you heard Rod & The Faces' version of Street Fighting Man with it's outro of the intro to the Stones' "We Love You"? If that makes sense? Anyways, it's pretty darned nifty.

  2. Goats Head Soup would also be in the frame; maybe a 5/1 outsider, but in a with a shout nonetheless.

  3. As a friend of mine would say, "I'm not familiar with their oeuvre" fluttering his eyes at his use of this vaguely decadent foreign, poncey sounding word (you'd really need to know my friend) - but surprisingly for someone who grew up with the Beatles and Stones, the same is true for me. Never ventured much beyond their singles until Let It Bleed and Exile On Main Street a couple of albums later. Let It Bleed always gets my vote over Exile though. I do feel I owe the Stones a thorough career reappraisal though - if only I could find the time!

  4. Not a band I have ever featured in 12 years of blogging, but I'll come clean. You will find a ton of their albums on my shelves. I'm a huge sucker for the stuff around '65 and '66, especially. Those years rival '77-'79 for the best years in music. Around 2005, when the Mrs. was home with our first child, she was wheeling him around the neighborhood while I was at work. She called to tell me of a neighbor having a garage sale. She said he had a bunch of albums for sale. He had just about all of the Stones records from about '64 through Goat's Head Soup at a buck each. I had them all on CD, but I had just started buying vinyl again. I told her to take the lot. Good day for me, but she will beg to differ as I have been told many times she had a hell of a time carrying them home with a baby in a stroller.