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Tuesday, 9 February 2021



 It's a wee while since any Australian acts have graced the pages of CCM. Nick Cave with Push the Sky Away was probaby the last.

Here then is the great talent that is indie singer songwriter Julia Jacklin.

A couple of songs from her 2016 debut album Don't Let the Kids Win have made cameo appearances on previous posts:the title track in the JJ post in my Double Initials series and Pool Party from a Saturday Lucky Dip selection.

Therefore, this time round I am going to feature the follow up album 2019's Crushing on Poyvinyl/Transgressive/ Liberation records. It is every bit as good, if not better than Don't Let the Kids Win.

Released to great critical acclaim as the following quotes testify

A "subdued yet arresting LP that blends sweet indie-pop with folk introspection and delicate piano balladry, as Jacklin offers up concise self-realizations without fuss or fanfare" Jonathan Bernstein, Rolling Stone

"Grunge-rinsed, feminist-flipped, upcycled Fifties guitar an' all: Crushing is a triumph".Helen Brown, The Independent

All of which will make the notoriously difficult third album just that little bit harder.

Julia Jacklin - Body

Julia Jacklin -When The Family Flies In