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Saturday, 16 March 2019

Double Initials - JJ

A lot of fantastic suggestions this week. So much so that I am thinking of revisiting this at some stage during the week.There were easily about 20 that I could have chosen. 

There seems to be a lot of love out there for Australian singer songwriter Julia Jacklin with George getting in first swiftly followed by the Swede and Ernie Goggins.
I can see why after hearing a couple of songs from her new album Crushing. Meanwhile here is the title track from her debut album.

Ramone666 has clearly got the hang of  this series as he sent me four great songs to choose from. He advises that the pick of the bunch is Johnny Jenkins and who am I to argue.

Rigid Digit  came up with the final offering for today.
It gives me another chance to tell the story of when I worked on a kibbutz where there was an American volunteer called Jordan who happened to be a Mormon. I'm sure you can work out the rest.

It is KK next. Two very quickly sprung to mind and thereafter I got stuck.
Over to you


  1. Well one of those two would be Kevin Keegan "Head over Heels In Love". Can't think what the other one is

  2. Kris Kristofferson - pretty much any of his songs.

  3. King Kurt - Destination Zululand would be nice

  4. KK Downing - Judas Priest guitarist

  5. Katell Keineg, Kevn Kinney, King Kong.

  6. Kathy for the teenagers.

  7. Here's one to investigate, Icelandic blues and folk singer Kristján Kristjánsson. I suspect Ernie is familiar with the music

  8. and there's the K K bajo group.......who don't seem to have banjos

    is well worth watching though

  9. Does Koka Koka Sex Battalion count? If not then after Kris K I'm down to Koos Kombuis, Kieran Kane and top Hungarian pop diva Kati Kovacs

    1. Kieran Kane rings a vague bell

    2. He did a great song "Oh Darlin' (Why Don't You Care For Me No More)" in the band called The O' Kanes.

  10. It's high time this series featured a bit of 1990s Sudanese Funk, so I'll suggest 'African Unity' by Kamal Keila.

  11. Stewart Copeland's alter-ego Klark Kent?

  12. Julia Jacklin's latest album is available at Bandcamp for the ridiculous price of £16.99

  13. Some choices this week, none of them pretty decent though: Kid Koala, King Khan, Klyde Konnor, Kriss Kross ...

  14. Kristofferson, obviously.

    Special mention for The KKK Took My Baby Away by The Ramones?

    Beyond that, and the ones above, my library offers...

    Karl Kikillus - South African DJ, TV presenter and truly awful MOR singer... I have no idea why I have this in my collection, but it's terrible even by my standards.

    Kenny Karen - standard 60s radio hit, I have his version of The Light In Your Window on a compilation of Carol King-penned songs.

    Kilkenny Knights

    Kill It Kid - indie CD I found in a charity shop... it went back.

    Kill Kenada - duets with Regina Spektor on one of her earlier albums.

    King Krule

    Kitty Kallen - had a hit in the 50s with Little Things Mean A Lot

    The Krakin' Kellys

    Krystal Keith - country singer, duets with Toby Keith on his version of Mockingbird... oh, hang on, she's his daughter.

    I wouldn't recommend any of the above. Stick with Kristofferson... and Dirk's final suggestion!

  15. Going old school again but my first thoughts turned to Kathy Kirby as I had just cleared my mum’s house and one of her records appeared. She was incredibly successful in the 1960s but seems to have been airbrushed out of popular culture.

    Hope you go with Kris Kristofferson though - my favourite KK.

  16. Aw shucks! Ramone 666 got in first with Katell Keinig, a Breton-Welsh singer songwriter her One Hell Of A Life would be a good one to play. Kathy Kirby I remember seeing a lot of in the sixties on BBC light entertainment Saturday night shows - Billy Cotton Band Show was one. She wore glossy lipstick as I recall - as an 11 year old I was oddly impressed with that! There was a sad end to her career as I recall. Finally, I'm guessing you'll have no truck with the Kinks' Kinda Kinks, Kinks' Kontroversies or Kink Kronikles albums.