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Saturday, 23 March 2019

Double Initials KK

Apologies if I have put you off your breakfast.
This was the first song which was suggested by George (he is a massive fan) but rest assured it is not going to feature.
The two I had initially in mind were the second and third artists mentioned by Lynchie and Walter respectively.
Ernie  then mentioned Kieran Kane and the name struck a bell. I found a track by him on a pretty poor compilation HMV's Alternative Country Collection.
That was going to be all for this week until I was "persuaded" by Ramone666 to feature Kevin Kinney with MacDougal Blues.
Less to choose from than JJ but we got there.
LL next. I have three in mind which I  also suspect many of you will come up with (or at least two of them). Over to you.

Kris Kristofferson - To Beat The Devil

King Kurt - Destination Zululand

Kieran Kane - Cool Me Down

Kevin Kinney - MacDougal Blues


  1. My first thought was Lene Lovich, Los Lobos, LL Cool Jay and Lisa Loeb. As a song Louis Louis for sure

  2. Walter beat to me to it (well, the first three)

  3. Except for the three obvious ones, how about Lazy Lester, Laura Lee, Louie & the Lovers, and Love Live Life +1?

  4. How about the excellent 'Silver Sun' by Lay Llamas?

  5. Lyle Lovett, Loretta Lynn. And if you don't feature "Little Arrows" by Leapy Lee I will have to consider cancelling my subscription.

    1. I have just played 30 seconds of Leapy Lee's Good Morning. It was not a pleasurable experience

    2. If you think that's bad try 'Little Yellow Aeroplane'. I saw Leapy supporting the New Seekers back in the early 1970s - one of the first live shows I went to. Most of his records haven't passed the test of time but I still have a soft spot for 'Little Arrows'

    3. Number one in South Africa in 1969, His real name is Graham Pulleyblank

  6. Lew Lewis, someone I haven't thought about in ages!

    1. I have the "Save The Wail" album autographed by Lew Lewis.

  7. I'm with Mr Goggins regarding Lyle Lovett and the song HAS to be "If I Had A Boat".

  8. My suggestion is for a great soul singer named Laura Lee who recorded for Chess in the late '60s and early '70s ("Dirty Man" was a big one, which you probably have on the Fame box set.)She also did one picked up by the Northern crowd on Detroit's Ric Tic called "To Win Your Heart."

  9. Additional possibilities are blues singer and harmonica player Lazy Lester, '50s act Lewis Lymon (Frankie Lymon's brother) & the Teenchords and Little Willie Littlefield's "K.C. Loving" (the original version of "Kansas City") and of course, the Scottish lass Lulu and her band The Luvvers. There's a female country singer that I won't mention, as I think you probably have her in mind? ;-)

    I agree with FurryBootsCityBoy that Lyle Lovett's "If I Had a Boat" would be a great choice.

  10. - Larrikin Love - they had a bunch of rather neat tunes back in 2006.

    - Len Liggins - he of Ukrainians/Wedding Present - fame - most excellent single from 1990: 'Yuri's Hair Salon'.

    - Lew Lewis - I have a track from him (them?) on an early Stiff Records-compilation - can't remember if it's any good though.

    - Liam Lynch - 'United States Of Whatever' (from 2003).

    - Linda Laine & The Sinners - does it count when there's a backing combo not beginning with 'L' as well? No idea, but if so, her 'Low Grades And High Fever' from 1964 is marvelous!

    - Llwybr Llaetog - from Wales and there's even FOUR 'LL's' for you in their names - I recommend 'Cyfundrefn Gyfalafol' from 'Da!' from 1988.

    - Lyricist Lounge - I know them from a Rough Trade-compilation, again I don't remember anything about the quality of the tune … and can't be arsed to track it down.

    Forget about all of the above: it has to be LINDSAY LOHAN of course! What an artist! A true wordsmith, her, if there ever was one! A massive discography as well and each and every tune is a masterpiece in songwriting, that's for sure! Also, so I'm told, apparently she doesn't look too shabby either ...

    1. "Llwybr Llaetog"
      Now that is a great call, Dirk

  11. There are more good LL acts than I thought!

  12. Late to the party, and most of the heavy lifting has been done for me. I would echo Dirk's Liam Lynch suggestion... whatever.

    Beyond that, and those above, I offer...

    Larry Liggett - That Man Is Walking (blues)

    The Landspeed Loungers - Paul (you know what, I'm gonna send you that because it's great and I bet nobody else has ever heard it)

    Larry Lurex (aka Freddie Mercury, he used this moniker to record a weird version of I Can Hear Music)

    Lauren Laverne - far preferable as a member of Kenickie than as a DJ

    Lazy Lester

    Leftfield & Lydon

    Lewis Lymon & The Teenchords

    Linda Lyndell

    Lunchmoney Lewis - I GOT BILLS!

  13. Llwybr Llaetog were going to be my killer suggestion - long since beaten by others but give Rwtsh a go from alb Stwff anyway. If you're not counting prepositions and definite articles you can have Lanterns on the Lake and no one else seems have mentioned Lykke Li.