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Friday, 1 March 2019

Melancholy March

The March instalment from Julie London's Calendar Girl album.
That's quite an outfit for Spring cleaning!
Julie may be melancholy but I can't say that I am as we are off for a long weekend up North today.
Balmacara tonight and Ballachulish tomorrow.  I suspect that the charity shops of Fort William may well get a visit.
All I can find out about the song is that it was composed by Herman Saunders and Dory Langdon especially for the album.
Given that we started in November we will be half way through the year of tunes in April.

Julie London - Melancholy March


  1. It will take you twenty-eight hours to walk from Balmacara to Ballachulish

  2. Have a great weekend and some good charity shopping!
    That's a helluva outfit just for cleaning a phone.

    1. I was just thinking the same thing C! Have an enjoyable (and successful) weekend CC.

  3. Steady on. There are middle-aged gentlemen reading this blog. A&E's busy enough as it is on a Friday afternoon.

  4. Have a great weekend - weather looks as if it will be fine.

    I keep having a rant about the current breed of female pop stars who seem to always perform in their underwear but here we have the proof - It all started with Julie London.