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Tuesday, 5 March 2019

All is Dream

Charity Chic is back!
Our short trip up North saw me returning with no less than five charity shop purchases more than doubling this years haul to date.
The first acquisition was from Fort William and doubles the amount of Mercury Rev albums on the shelves.
From 2001 All Is Dream is the follow up to 1998's Deserter's Songs.
As I mentioned when I posted the latter is is a CD that I've actually had in my hand on a couple of occasions without ever taking the plunge.This time round I went for it.
The verdict ? Like Deserter's Songs three or four pretty good songs with the rest pretty meh. You could get one truly great album by combining the best from both.
I'm glad  I got it  though and my curiosity is now sated. I suspect that my Mercury Rev collection is now complete

Mercury Rev - The Dark is Rising

Mercury Rev - Nite and Fog


  1. There are now two more Mercury Rev albums on your shelves than on mine.

  2. There are two more that should be on there, but I suspect you'd feel the same about those too. Still, you'd have one excellent double album then.

  3. I reckon 'Deserter's Songs' is essential, but funnily enough I've never even heard 'All is Dream'. The only other Rev albums in my collection are the first two 'Yerself Is Steam' and 'Boces', but they're a different kettle of fish altogether.