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Friday, 29 March 2019

A Dog's Brexit

Well that didn't quite go to plan, did it?

What an absolute debacle . A Government tearing themselves apart and an Opposition who are worse than useless.
Ten neanderthal Northern Irish knuckle draggers with more say and influence than the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh Assembly holding out for more cash.
Old Etonians with their off shore tax dodging accounts playing parlour games while the country drags to a halt, the shelves being stripped bare and the economy nose diving..

There is another vote scheduled for today to vote to withdraw from the EU with absolutely no plan on how to do so or what any future relationship or trade arrangements will be
You couldn't make it up.
Still at least we will get our Blue passports back and will be rid of such irritants as workers rights and free movement.

And yet Europe still appears to be bending over backwards to accommodate us. God knows why.
It is a total embarrassment..
They couldn't run a menage.

Me, I would rather have a Safe European Home than a Full English Brexit thank you very much

The Clash - Safe European Home

Billy Bragg -Full English Brexit


  1. … and the best thing is, Stevie: I constantly get mails from my British customers, asking me about how our company has prepared itself for Brexit and what our plans are to guarantee a just in time - delivery for the future. The arrogance one needs to even put such a question under the given circumstances is beyond belief! I'm tempted to reply: 'How can I know what will happen when, and it's not my fault anyway, so bugger off, you stupid fuck!' - but, alas, I have to be polite ...

    1. but Dirk, surely you know "they (EU) need us more than we need them"!

  2. I find it interesting, and amusing, that the government here in Portugal seems to be more brexit-ready than the UK.
    There is also a very very remarkable difference in the demeanour of people in power here when compared with those in the UK. May and that shower of bastards really should learn the art of statesmanship from the president (de Sousa), especially the president, and the prime minister (Costas)

  3. Theresa May must be gutted that the billion quid she gave to the DUP (some of whom have a history of dodgy financial dealings) has been pissed up the wall.
    One thing I have learned from the media coverage of Brexit is that there are some truly gobsmacking slimeballs in the Tory party* - e.g. Mark Francois whose every utterance seems to refer to the idea that Britain is still fighting World War II. (see also Andrew Bridgen), while the rest of the ERG seem to think that Britain still has an Empire. Deranged as these f**kers are, you have to wonder about the state of mind of the people who vote for them.
    And why does London seem to have an inordinate amount of pundits from right wing think tanks whose every statement is treated as fact by the media?

    *even bigger slimeballs than the ones I already knew about.

  4. We will have to resign ourselves to the fact that there will still be many votes and that during the next four months no satisfactory solution is found. It is a disgrace that no party is ready compromises to come to do justice to the will of the people.

    1. Walter,
      We had a good chat about this over a few beers and I know your views are similar to mine
      The will of the people has changed significantly since the Referendum now that the lies have been exposed and the grim reality has been highlighed

  5. From afar, it seems like there has been way too much talk about the blue passports. George must be pretty worked up. He didn't even mention your use of the Clash today.

    1. Brian, not really, I have my residency card. More worked up at the though of Johnson being the next PM.....

  6. I don't know where to begin with it anymore. I watch TV grinding my teeth and despairing. Its a monumental fuck up, voted for by and carried out by idiots.

  7. Like Swiss Adam and many others, I daily find myself sinking to ever deeper levels of exasperation.

  8. Double ditto all those comments. If only we had a media worth its salt (I'm talking about England here as I can't vouch for other parts of the UK) doing their job. So many facets of this catastrophic
    shitstorm are sitting up and begging to be exposed but, save one or two valiant exceptions, blind eyes are being turned. Can't blame the media all the time though - people should still be able to work a few things out for themselves.

  9. Well said CC - I love your play on words with the title.

    As the day went on it just got worse and like everyone else I am at the point of exasperation. Our politicians are the laughing stock of the world, and quite rightly. In a time when we have Mr Trump as leader of the free world that's saying something.