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Sunday, 3 March 2019

Adequate Mood Music

The Charity shop drought  still continues but there was a small dribble last week when I came away with Poetic Champions Compose  from 1987 and the 17th studio album from Sir Ivan the Grumpy Irishman .

It was originally intended as an album of jazz instrumentals but thankfully he saw sense and changed his mind. Having said that the instrumentals are alright for Jazz - sort of atmospheric celtic jazz as opposed to the usual noodely nonsense.

It was reasonably well received and was voted the 21st album of 1987 by the Village Voice. Not sure that I would go that far but it is  perfectly pleasant though and ideal Sunday morning listening. Or as Wiki states adequate mood music which could maybe be seen as damning with faint praise.

Someone Like You

Give Me My Rapture


  1. One of Van's middling albums. Aside from those 2 tracks you've picked, I'd add "Did Ye Get Healed?" and "Queen of the Slipstream".
    "Someone Like You" is one of his special songs. I love the "the best is yet to come" fade out.

  2. A mate of mine, a big Van fan, calls this album Poetic Champions Compost and then laughs himself silly at his own joke. Joke? Well, exactly.