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Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Dick and Andre RIP

Sad news that over the weekend  two great octogenarian artists passed away.
Dick Dale - The King of the Surf Guitar  - was 81.His incendiary style was before it's time and a huge influence on many who followed.
He latterly achieved some well deserved fame when his song Miserlou featured in Pulp Fiction.

Andre Williams would have been a contemporary of Dale in the early 60's when he recorded songs such as Jail Bait and Shake a Tail Feather.
He succumbed to drug addiction and homelessness but began to record with Bloodshot Records in Chicago where he was living  in the late 1990's.
He died aged 82.

Rest easy guys.

Dick Dale & his Deltones - Miserlou

Dick Dale - Night Rider

Andre Williams & Sally Timms - Glue


  1. Dick Dale - Only got to know of him because of Pulp Fiction but what a sound.

  2. A friend said it best: '...sometimes when the greats fall in such close proximity to one another it feels as if the entire glorious edifice of rock 'n' roll is beginning to crumble...'

  3. Toptastic Andre Williams tune. I listened to the REM tracks, I would not have it was REM. What album does the Andre Williams track come from?

    1. Down to the Promised Land - 5 Years of Bloodshot Records.
      You probably have it

  4. Didn't know about Andre Williams' passing. Another great done gone.

  5. Losing our heroes at quite a pace these days. Thanks for honoring Dick and Andre. Those sure are some fine selections, CC.