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Sunday, 31 March 2019

File Under:Bakersfield Country Rock

Sounds of Goodbye by The Gosdin Brothers was a pre-holiday purchase in my local Charity Shop and it is an absolute corker.
On the ever excellent Ace label there are 24 tracks consisting of their sole album of that name, some sessions, outtakes and rare folk-rock singles and all for under a pound.
The only thing I knew about them prior to this was there was a vague association with the Byrds and that they had recorded an album with Gene Clark
As the Ace blurb puts it - with a rootsy style,hip songs and harmonies of pure heartbreak, Vern and Rex Gosdin were unwitting country rock pioneers.
I can hear their influence on a good few records on the Americana shelves

The Gosdin Brothers - There Must Be Someone (I Can Turn To)

The Gosdin Brothers - Multiple Heartaches

The Gosdin Brothers -Uncommitted Man


  1. Like you, prior to this post I only knew The Gosdin Brothers via the Gene Clark connection, but all three of these tunes are fantastic and well worth the price you paid for the CD alone. What a splendid way to start a Sunday morning.

  2. Same as you two regarding The Gosdin Brothers and their collaboration with Gene Clark. I much preferred Gene's next album, "The Fantastic Expedition of Dillard & Clark" and his partnership with the much underrated Bernie Leadon as well as Doug Dillard.
    That said finding "Sounds of Goodbye" in a charity shop is mindboggling! Jammy doesn't even begin to describe it.

  3. Wow, what a find. There Must be Someone... is great and Uncommitted Man even more so- that Byrdsy jangle.

  4. The album with Gene Clark is one you would like very much