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Saturday 9 March 2019

Double Initials - II

The first really tricky one this week and easily the hardest until we get to QQ.

 C very kindly shared Indians In Moscow  with the splendid  Jack Pelter and his Sex Change Chicken in last Saturday's comments. Most weeks it may not have counted but hey it's going in.

Most of you got the one I had come up with namely It's Immaterial. As it is a lean week I'm giving you two of their songs.

I had it in my head that Iggy Pop was previously in a band called Iggy and the Iguanas.Sadly the band were actually just called The Iguanas.
Your getting some of them as well given I am struggling this week and also because it is pretty good.

From a famine to a feast .We are spoilt for choice next week when it comes to JJ. I've got several in mind. I'm sure you have too.

It's Immaterial - Driving Away From Home (Jim's Tune)

It's Immaterial - Trains, Boats, Planes


  1. Here's a couple: JJ Jackson, Jamey Johnson, Jarvis Jackson, the Jay-Jays (I'll send you that one, it's cool), Jilted John, Jim & Jesse, Johnnie & Jack, Johnny Jenkins, the Ju-Jus.

  2. Lean indeed. The most obvious JJ is.........Jermaine Jackson....Let's Get Serious!

  3. Joe Jackson is the one that springs to mind first.

  4. Has he ever appeared on these pages - Jack Jones!

  5. Chuck Berry sideman Johnnie Johnson. The Jim Jones Revue or the later Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind.

  6. ....there's also John Jones of The Oysterband.

  7. Julia Jacklin (don't let the kid win), who I think The Swede recommended a couple of years back

  8. Great call George. Her recent 2nd LP is a belter too.

  9. JJ72

    Jilted John

    Jimmy James & The Vagabonds

  10. Joan Jett, Jesus Jones, Johnny Johnson & His Badwagon, 'When Midnight Comes to Memphis' by Jerry Jaye. And 60s soulster J.J. Jackson if a mere two Js are not enough.

    Second (or third) Julia Jacklin

  11. Should be Bandwagon. The Badwagon was a completely different concept, too sordid to get into here

  12. Joan Jett. Jim Jones. Janet Jackson.

  13. Jermaine Jackson with Whitney Houston singing "Take Good Care Of My Heart". (Officially, it's Whitney's song but they take it verse by verse and duet on the chorus. Gorgeous love song which should've been a mega hit back in 1984.
    Jermaine is more than a match for Whitney on this song, but check out Whitney singing "If we get any closer, I'll be drowning in your eyes" - about 1 minute and 40 seconds in - and tell me you didn't get goosebumps. Go on, I dare ya!)

  14. I second Mr Goggins with his choice of Johnny Johnson and the Bandwagon
    with the 1960's hit "Breakin' Down The Walls of Heartache" - covered by Dexys Midnight Runners on their debut album 'Searching for the Young Soul Rebels'

    1. great track, even better than my first suggestion above

  15. No link for Indians In Moscow? Do I have to do the research myself!?

    Can I find anything that hasn't been mentioned above?

    Top of the list - JILL JACKSON!

    JJ Cale

    JJ Barnes (I Think I've Got A Good Chance - 70s soul)

    Jack Johnson (not as good as Johnny Johnson, who surely is a must)

    Jean-Jacques "JJ" Burnel (Stranglers)

    Jenny & Johnny (Jenny Lewis & Jonathan Rice, when they were an item, released and album together)

    Jerry Jeff Walker (country, wrote Mr. Bojangles)

    Jim James (lead singer of My Morning Jacket, arguably better as a solo artist)

    Jim Jamison (did the theme tune to Baywatch... no, really)

    Jimmy Jones (did Good Timin in the 60s)

    Jimmy Justice

    Jo Jo Gunne - Run Run Run

    Johnny & June???

    Johnny Hates Jazz (sorry)

    Jon Bon Jovi (sorry again)

    Just Jack

    The Just Joans

    And a very special mention to... J. Jonah Jameson.

    1. Link in the comments on last week's post
      How did I know that Jill Jackson would be top of your list?

    2. Hope you enjoy the Indians In Moscow song, Rol. If you ever do a Top Ten of transgender animals you'll know where to start.

    3. Thank you, C. For some reason, CC's blog doesn't always notify me of follow-up comments, even though I click the Notify Me button. I suspect that might be to stop me getting hundreds of follow-up comments from other readers telling me to stop clogging up his comments box with piffle.

      Enjoyed IIM, but I think that Top Ten might be beyond even me.

  16. Even if you feature just one song for the JJ's, Stevie, make sure it's Jay-Jay Johanson's 'So Tell The Girls That I Am Back In Town': a marvellous track indeed!!!

  17. Fag end of the week I know but surprised no one's come up with Jesus Jones, they had a late 80s techno/house vibe - not my cup of tea but there you go. When you do your double initial thing for authors I'm gonna be right in there with Jerome K Jerome.
    Aggghhh just spotted that Ernie Goggins got in with Jesus Jones which renders my superfluous. Still.