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Tuesday 12 March 2019

Pauline Murray and the Invisible Girls

After last weekend's wee break I took a sneaky Monday off work as I have days to use up by the end of the month.
I popped into a local Oxfam shop for a browse. At the very back off the vinyl section, where most of the records were around a tenner, there was Pauline Murray and the Invisible Girls for a pretty reasonable three pounds.
The sleeve is a bit gubbed but the record is in pretty good condition.
From 1990 it is the only album by the band  featuring Penetration's Pauline Murray and John Cooper Clarke's backing band The Invisible Girls 
Those featuring on the album include a number of the great Manchester artists of the time  such as Martin Hannett, Vini Reilly, Dave Rowbothan, John Maher and Bernard Sumner.

Another find.


  1. Agree, always liked this one. Wonder what happened to her.

  2. Dream Sequence is a stone-cold classic. I pulled this album out back in the fall and thoroughly enjoyed it.