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Monday, 11 March 2019


Back to Fort William for the final album from the holiday haul and it is another find.
Monuments is a 2003 album by Kate Campbell.
The name rang a vague bell leading me to suspect she was an Americana artist and the fact that it was on the Evangelene label convinced me to part with my 49p.
It is indeed Americana and well worth a listen.
I've subsequently discovered that she has released over 20 albums from 1994 to date and that I actually already have a couple of her songs on Americana compilations

She is another like Margo Price, Courtney Marie Andrews and Kacey Musgraves who straddle that line between mainstream and alternative country.

Kate Campbell - Yellow Guitar

Kate Campbell -Petrified House


  1. First heard of Kate Campbell about 20 years ago. "When Panthers Roamed In Arkansas", "Galaxie 500" and "Crazy in Alabama" You can listen to tracks from about 20 albums on her website. Just click on the album covers:

    1. Two songs there that George could have used in his State of the Union series - but didn't

    2. Yes, was going to add to his/your Alabama post that I had a track called Crazy In Alabama by Kate Campbell (who I'd never heard of before) from Uncut: Sounds of the New West The Best of Alternative Country Sept '98. It's a good track too, especially topical given today's NZ atrocity - dealing as it does with blind ignorance and bigotry. WTF!