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Wednesday, 20 March 2019

State of the Union - Texas

George writes:
How often is it that the best song an album is the final one? Today, the outstanding track you can play is The Day Texas Sank To The Bottom Of The Sea, from the album Micah P Hinson and The Gospel Of Progress. A long, slow heartfelt belter of a song, and again (you’re welcome!) the best song you will hear today.

On a more upbeat note, Merle Haggard bought the largest round of drinks, ever, in 1983, in Fort Worth. It was for 5 095 people.

In a search for interesting things, I discovered that in El Paso (the city) it is illegal to urinate on the streets. I spent some time wondering why this is deemed noteworthy in “strange laws of Texas”, and I just can not work it out. The implication, if this is indeed a strange law, is that it is legal to urinate of the streets of many places in the USA.

Music. There are just not enough German bands making Americana music with a bit of yodelling thrown in. But not here, not today, just go and buy Son Of Kraut.

Centerville, Texas, is not only home to the black-eyed pea festival (or feijão frade to us) but is also home to Samuel John Hopkins. Lightnin’ Hopkins has a song called Abilene, which is not to be confused with that dire country song of the same name

That’s Texas. Only 10% desert. And that disgusting soft drink Dr Pepper originated in Texas.

Note to CC: Just because it is Texas this week in no way allows you to post a track by weegie band Texas!

CC writes : Fair enough

We are away for a few days  (not to Texas) so there will be a reduced servcie until early next week


  1. If I hadn't just played the new Lee Perry single 'Big Ben Rock' for the millionth time in 24 hours I'd agree with your assessment of the superb Micah P Hinson track. It's almost certainly one of the top two songs I'll hear today.
    I can recommend a barnstorming Green on Red track called 'Can't Drive Texas', a live favourite back in the day, but only ever released in demo form years after the band broke up.

  2. Agree, that's a pretty epic track there from Micah P Hinson - my first listen. Here's a nice, gentle one from Jim Smith That Girl From Brownsville Texas and talking of epic tracks and Brownsville there's Dylan and Sam Shephard's co-written 11 minute magnum opus Brownsville Girl

    1. Did you mean Jim White?

    2. yes you did. Splendid track. Although I am left wondering what the former Debrb County/QPR/Newcastle version would sound like......

    3. This'll be too late for you to pick up on I suppose George, but yes of course, Jim White. Jim Smith's (also of other innumerable and nameless (B'ham City) clubs) version would have sounded er ....ponderous. Truth to tell I used to quite like Jim Smith - a proper football person it seemed to me - a trooper.