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Monday, 18 March 2019

Dead Letter Office

An executive decision was taken at the last Board meeting at CCM HQ
The motion which was carried  unanimously read " in future the only R.E.M. albums purchased will be those on the I.R.S. label"
This motion has now been put into practice with the purchase of Dead Letter Office a collection of rarities and B-sides released in 1987.
The first song selected today Burning Hell is the b-side of Can't Get There From Here from the Fables of the Reconstruction album released in 1985.
Toys in the Attic is the first Aerosmith song to appear on these pages. Rest assured Aerosmith will never appear here. This was a  b-side on the 12" single of Fall on Me from 1986's Lifes Rich Pageant .

I've a few to go. I had most, if not all, of them on tape back in the day. Looking forward to filling in the blanks.

R.E.M. - Burning Hell

R.E.M. - Toys in the Attic


  1. Not everyone in these parts is going to back your R.E.M. purchasing practices, but I'm with you. I have everything from the I.R.S. era and not a thing after that. For me, the first two full-length albums are perfect... probably in my top 20 all time. The next two are also very good but neither are quite a Murmur or a Reckoning. After that, I very quickly lost interest. You may have heard they went on to have a successful career without me. Bully for them.

  2. How often do you have Board Meetings I wonder, and how many of you on the Board? I suspect, like over at WIAA, it's a Board of one, but important to get such things ratified every now and again, although in this case I choose to disagree!

    1. You are allowed to disagree but I am invoking Chairman's privilege!