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Thursday 28 February 2019

Yesterday is No Tomorrow

Booze- soaked rockets that sound refreshingly, genuinely carefree and debauched  -Time Out

Grotty NY sleeze-bags fronted by Hell's own angel channelling the whiskey-slugging spirit of Motorhead - NME

If drinking, fighting and good old-fashioned rock'n'roll are your mantra Brooklyn punks Stalkers are about to change your world.

All the above is blurb on a CD promo single I picked up somewhere along the way and which was mis-filed next to Tuesday's Mo Solid Gold
I haven't been able to find out that much about them. Yesterday is No Tomorrow was an album on One Little Indian released in 2004. They were signed  to the label on the recommendation of Jesse Malin.
The release of the single in 2007 seems to coincide with a tour of Britain where they played at Leeds and Reading.
The second song is by the Rolling Stones and was on their Aftermath album. It has also been covered by The Searchers and The Kynd 
That's it.

Stalkers - Yesterday is No Tomorrow

Stalkers - Take It Or Leave It


  1. That first track sounds like The Strokes.
    I listened to that Aftermath album recently, not something I will be doing again in a hurry

    1. Yup George
      Definite comparisons with The Strokes

  2. While the Stones' "Take It or Leave It" was naff, all in all, Aftermath was a pretty good album - 4 fab tracks out of 6 on side 1 -"Mother's Little Helper", "Stupid Girl", "Under My Thumb" and "Doncha Bother Me" and 3 fine tappy-toe shufflers on the B-side. A lot better than some other efforts I could list - and will if this sort of thing happens again!

    1. My problem with Aftermath is the terrible production (or is it engineering?) of the record, it devalues the songs, they all sound cheaply made. Similarly with Between The Buttons.

    2. Fair point. Although I never thought much of Between The Buttons.