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Saturday 9 February 2019

Double Initials -EE

The first tricky one this week hopefully successfully negotiated.
Fortunately for some and sadly for others I didn't have to resort to Edward Elgar.

Although I had to dig deep and penetrate the soul compilations to come up with two acts - one which Ernie and George both came up with and one nobody else got.
From the wonderful Kent compilation Dave Godin's Deep Soul Treasures  -Taken from the Vaults Volume 4 the act that the audience suggested was the duo that are/were Eddie and Ernie.
Before I continue if you don't already have the 4 volumes of Dave Goden's Deep Soul Treasures you should rectify that immediately. They are must haves,.

The other one that nobody got is from yet another excellent Kent compilation in this case King's Serious Soul : Too Much  Pain celebrating (surprisingly) songs from the King record label. An artist who features twice is Eugene Evans.

And finally as suggested by C we may be bending the rules somewhat  with Eric and Ernie but what the hell

A lot of Ernies featuring today!

Eddie & Ernie - I Believe She Will

Eugene Evans - Lonely Man

Next week is somewhat easier with FF.
I've got my choices in mind. let's hear yours


  1. Never heard of Eugene Evans but very nice.

    I'll kick things off with Freddy Fender, Frankie Ford and The Fabulous Flee-Rekkers (they are real, honest, one of the less successful Joe Meek bands)

  2. Fleet Foxes of course, but also the Fairfield Four, Family Fodder, Faun Fables, and the French Fries.

  3. Nothing else springs to mind as of yet, Ernie beat me to the obvious one

  4. I assume Franz Ferdinand will be in with a shout?

  5. Or possibly the king of Hawaiian guitar, Frank Ferera?

  6. Well, there's the Foo Fighters but I'm inclined to think they're probably not on your list!

  7. There's Scotland's own Fiction Factory, but I feel like there are others on the shelf. Will check later today.

  8. As DD always makes me think of Daredevil, FF always makes me think of the Fantastic Four... and there was an old soul band with that name, if I remember rightly.

    Adding to the ones above...

    The Flat Five (on Bloodshot, so in with a good chance)

    Fonda Feingold

    Former Fat Boys (I think they lost a bunch of weight and stopped having hits)

    The Four Finks

    The Four Freshmen

    The Friendly Fires

    Apparently there was a Funboy Five. I have them on a John Pell collection. I'm not sure if Terry Hall was involved.

    Funeral For A Friend

    Looking forward to the following Saturday's horse race... ;-)

  9. I'm opting for the Fantastic Four (on Ric Tic, Gordy or Westbound). There's also a doo wop group called the Four Flames.

    1. P.S. I like the Eddie & Ernie track.

  10. Frank Fairfield

  11. Faron's Flamingos (with 'Let's Stomp' easily being their finest moment), Fayetteville Flash, Fiercy Furnaces, Forty Fives (they're excellent!), Frank Farian, Frank Frost, Frantic Flintstones, Freddie Fresh, Frou Frou ...

  12. Will you allow The Bobby Fuller Four? No, how about Flesh For Lulu or Foreheads in a Fishtank? Fenella Fielding then or reggae kings Francis & Franklin perhaps? The Fiery Furnaces' Restorative Beer is quite a refreshing track!