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Thursday 21 February 2019

Down to the Well

Still going through the G's . Today I've gone for the Americana shelves and have plucked out Down to the Well a 2000 album from Kevin Gordon on the Shanachie label.
The blurb on the back of the CD reads
East Nashville roots-rocking renegade Kevin Gordon delivers haunting story-songs about extraordinary people living in the margins of American life

That description might tempt you to part from your hard earned cash. Except in my case it didn't as it is a burn.
A high quality burn in that whoever did it took the trouble to copy all the lyrics and include them as a booklet.
I've no idea who I got it from, Perhaps  it was from my now sadly departed pal Harry. I also can't recall having played it before but I suspect I must have at least one.

Perfectly pleasant if hardly earth shattering rootsy Americana with the first track benefiting from a contribution by the great Lucinda Williams

Kevin Gordon - Down to the Well

Kevin Gordon - Burning the Church House Down


  1. I think you're being very harsh on Mr Gordon here. Unless, of course, these are the stand-out tracks and the remaining or a load of nonsense. Both tracks on vol. 145.

  2. ...actually, these two tracks are very very good...

  3. His songs remind me a little of Terry Allen (he wrote "New Delhi Freight Train" which Little Feat covered) which is a good thing!