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Friday 1 February 2019

February Brings The Rain

It's the first of the month again so it is time for the February number on Julie London's Calendar Girl album.Wonder wht the big heart is for.
We are a third of the way there already George.
February Brings the Rain sings Julie. I'll settle for that given that we have had a bit of snow during the week. Plus it is really good to finally see the back of January.

I don't have much intel on this one I'm afraid other than it was written by Bobby Troup and it was recorded with The Pete King Orchestra in 1956.
It was also the  b-side of the wonderful Cry Me a River.
That's us until next month.

Julie London - February Brings The Rain


  1. Did you know that Mrs Bobby Troup was ...........Julie London.
    Bobby Troup wrote the Route 66 song.

  2. Yes, not much rain here today either, just snow.

    She and Bobby appeared in a long running US hospital drama, where Julie played a nurse. If she appeared in an outfit like the one above, the patients' blood pressure would have sky rocketed.

  3. Plenty of snow here. Miss February's looking good.

  4. 40+ years ago I'd have hated this type of song and its rendition, now I'm pleasantly entertained. Does this mean I've matured? Answers on a postcard to my missus or if e-mailing cc to our carers at the Old Folks' Home

    1. Agreed - my 17 year old self would be appalled