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Saturday 16 February 2019

Double Initials - FF

Had you going for a minute there! For the avoidance of doubt C this is as near that the Foo Fighters are ever likely to get to these pages.
Plenty to choose from this week and the usual great suggestions.

Ernie  was straight in with what George correctly pointed out the obvious one - namely Tejano legend and Texas Tornado the one and only Freddy Fender. Apologies for the sound quality of the Best Of on the Pegasus label which sounds like it has been recorded off the telly.

The Swede nearly got in on the act with Franz Ferdinand.They nearly featured until I decided to go for someone more obscure namely Detroit based Soul group The Fantastic Four.Also nominated by Rol with a seconding by Marie.

I thought I had beaten the panel with the Friedberger siblings Matthew and Eleanor collectively known as The Fiery Furnaces until  Dirk sneaked in with a late post.

Once the obvious one was ruled out for the obvious reasons GG has proven to be more difficult than I thought . I've got some things in mind. How about you?

Freddy Fender - Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

The Fantastic Four - i Don't Wanna Live Without Your Love

The Fiery Furnaces -Asthma Attack


  1. If you post Gentle Giant next week you are off the Christmas card list!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Go on, CC, do it! Alternatively, how about Gilberto Gil or Garland Green

  2. Guru Guru, Genius/GZA, and you should really smuggle in GG Allin.

  3. There's Gina G. Wasn't she a UK eurovision contestant? And there's Gwen Guthrie. And the Go-Go's

  4. There's a few songwriters with the initials GG. Do they count? Gerry Goffin wrote some great songs.

  5. I knew a folkie from way back called Gordon Giltrap. Very nifty guitar player.

  6. All being well, a Guru Guru tune will be appearing as my Monday Long Song in due course, so I wholeheartedly second Ramone666's suggestion. Can I also add Grant Green to the list of possibles, but unlikelys?

  7. The Golden Gate Quartet

  8. . . . or '50s rocker Glen Glenn, Goldie & the Gingerbreads or Guitar Gable.

  9. Gabe Gurnsey.

    GG Allin's already been mentioned Gary Glitter hasn't.

  10. Guy Garvey from Elbow had a solo album out a couple of years back. It was better than the last Elbow album.

    Other than him, and the ones mentioned above (surely Gloria Gaynor is more obvious than He Who Shall Never Be Named Again?), I found...

    George Gershwin (Rhapsody In Blue would be a must in my book)

    Goat Girl

    The Goo Goo Dolls (probably about as likely as the Foo Fighters)

    Gus Gus

    The Generation Gap (weird 60s psychedelic nonsense)

    Geoff Goddard (Who normally shouts out for Joe Meek acts? Ernie?)

    Gerald W. Gropp (I have him doing a country version of Money)

    Glen Goldsmith (cheesy 80s soul)

    Glenn Gregory (of Heaven 17... I have a couple of solo covers by him that I've never listened to before tonight)

    The Go Getters

    The Go Go Cult (not as good as the Go Gos)

    The Gorilla Gunmen

    Grab Grab The Haddock (I wish I was making some of these up)

    Greg Guidry

  11. I actually have a Goo Goo Dolls CD.Charity job.Have listened to it once

    1. Yet you've never found a Foo Fighters album in a charity shop? The ones round here are full of them!

  12. Most of the names are said by the mates before, so I only could add Gordon Gano from Violent Femmes and Green Garthside from Scritti Politti

  13. I've arrived here far too late to contribute anything new - I think Rol is right btw, Gloria Gaynor is probably the more obvious contender than HWSNBNA.

    Hope you plump for Gershwin.

  14. My posts are always late, Stevie, because on weekends I have to work in the garden (it's that time of the year again, I'm afraid) and only when being back at work on Mondays I find the time to read the blogs. Either way, one of these might be alright: Gamma Goochee, Gore Gore Girls, Grandmaster Gareth, Greg Garing, Gunter Gabriel, Guru Guru, Gus Gus. And of course we have the mighty Guitar Gangsters, their 'Radio Shakedown' from 1989 is a masterpiece!

  15. Friday night means I'm far too late with Gordon Giltrap (I thought I might have a good chance of being his lone sponsor) and George Gershwin (yawn, everyone would have him). Can I get in nice and early with ZZ Top?