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Friday 8 February 2019

Some Early Calexico

I was a fan of the early work of Tuscon desert noir band Calexico,  a band not afraid to throw a bit of  mariachi and conjunto into the mix.
They were founded and are fronted by Joey Burns and Jon Convertino  the erstwhile rhythm section of Giant Sand.
I followed them fairly faithfully until their brilliant 5th album from 2003 Feast of Wire and then we gradually drifted apart.
I was pretty disappointed when I saw them live at the Glasgow Academy which may have contributed to the parting of the ways although it wasn't  really a conscious decision. I just moved on to other things.

For your listening pleasure today I have gone for the title tracks from their second album The Black Light (1998) and  their third album Hot Rail (2000)

Calexico - The Black Light

Calexico - Hot Rail


  1. Their early stuff is great. Like you, I faded away somewhat.

  2. Agree, they had some tremendously atmospheric tracks - someone called their music desert noir, which is a pretty perfect description. Via Burns and Convertino I discovered Lisa Germano who I can also highly recommend