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Thursday 14 February 2019

Digging You Up

This week I have been mostly listening to music by Albuquerque  Gothic Americana band Hazeldine.

I started with their 1997 debut album How Bees Fly which is on the great German Glitterhouse label. I was listening to this with a view to posting but a quick check confirmed that it had already featured.

This led to my digging out Digging You Up (see what I did there?) their second album from 1998 on Polydor.
This has not featured before which I found strange considering I have had it considerably longer that How Bees Fly. Then I realised that Bees was one of the great Stanraer Americana Haul (8 in total)  from late 2015 and suddenly it all made sense.

So Digging You Up it is.

There are 4 songs which feature on both albums presumably because of their close proximity and the change of label. Easier to dig out some of the old stuff given that short period of time.

The first song appears on both and is for Spence. He'll hopefully know why
The second as far as I am aware is exclusive to Digging You Up.
There is also a good cover of Summer Wine which I will save for another day.

Hazeldine - Apothecary

Hazeldine -Right To Feel


  1. For a second, I thought you were about to Hazell Dean.

    Phew. This is much better.


    2. Aaarggh! And you turn your nose up at Perry Como!?

  2. Ah! Thank you. How I love that track. Glorious. Her voice is seductive and mesmerising. First heard it on Peel or Kershaw (my money's on Peel although it's a more Kershaw type of song) in the late 90s. It's one of those tracks I restrict myself to listening to about once a year - it's in my head much more than that of course. Hazeldine didn't have much of a recording career and have to admit I haven't made much of an effort to follow up the group members subsequent efforts. Perhaps this is the nudge I need. Again, Cheers