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Tuesday 12 February 2019

Slim Charity Pickings

There have been slim charity pickings in 2019 to date.
A couple of reasons a) I have not visited too many charity shops this year so far and b) I am trying to be a bit more discerning both from a space and quality point of view.

Only two purchases this year as I type. The Robert Johnson Blues Collection CD which I featured last week was actually the second acquisition.
The first was XTRMNTR the 6th studio album by Primal Scream from 2000 and the one with a severe vowel allergy.
50p and bought to replace a burn so no space implications.Not as sure about the quality criteria . It is probably not one I'll play that often but it will do the job for when I am in the mood for a splendid racket.

Primal Scream -Kill All Hippies

Primal Scream - Swastika Eyes


  1. These are worrying developments, CC (or is it just C now?)

  2. This is my second favourite Primal Scream album. After Vanishing Point.

  3. Outside of the very early stuff I'm not even a huge fan but tough to pass up any Primal Scream at a charity shop... especially at those prices.