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Friday, 22 February 2019

Fat Possum Friday

Given it is the end of the working week I figure its time for some bad ass Blues.
And who better to provide such fayre than Fat Possum Records out of Oxford, Mississippi?

A label who  made their reputation by discovering  ageing but previously unknown Bluesmen more often than not with something of a chequered past.. Sadly they have all gone now.

Perhaps the most famous horse in their stable was R.L.Burnside who had been convicted of killing a man over a game of dice. He quit touring at the age of 72

Junior Kimburgh died of a heart attack following a stroke at the age  of 67 in 1998 and apparently he was survived by 36 children. Looks like he was too busy to get up to no good

T-Model Ford made it til 90 albeit he only began his musical career in his early 70's He also had  a conviction for murder and a good few run ins with the law. I missed an opportunity to see him at King Tuts something I regret to this day.

It's bad you know

R.L.Burnside - Just like a Bird Without a Feather

Junior Kimbrough - I Gotta Try You Girl

T-Model Ford - Bad Man


  1. There was a very good tribute album to Junior Kimburgh containing tracks by the likes of Iggy and The Stooges, Spiritualized and Mark Lanegan called "Sunday Nights" released on Fat Possum in 2016. Worth checking out CC

  2. Toptastic, and that's before I even play the tracks

  3. Fat Possum did the world a great service in capturing performances from these guys while they were still around.
    I was lucky enough to have caught Junior Kimbrough when he supported Iggy Pop in New York in 1996. Jeff Buckley stood a few feet away from me in the audience.